Head Of Department: रवि शर्मा Telephone / Mobile Number: 9111935108

Activities of Department:

  • Operation and maintenance of streetlights/garden lights and electrical installation in Municipal buildings/properties.
  • Providing new streetlights/garden lights and electrification work of new buildings as per requirement.
  • Undertaking Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects in municipal services.
  • Implementation of Solar City Program of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, GOI, New Delhi.

Department Details:

  • Electrical department is responsible for providing and maintaining streetlights/ area lights, electrification of municipal buildings / properties and electricity related works of Municipal Corporation in general. The department has undertaken various initiatives in promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in municipal services.

Head Of Department: राजेश पदमवार Telephone / Mobile Number: 9827473144

Activities of Department:

  • Planning & implementation of the integrated road development project.
  • To carry out cement concreting of various roads in Municipal Corporation area.
  • Rebuilding of markets.
  • To do developmental works from the MLAS & MPS funds.
  • Construction of all structures, school building. belonging to Municipal Corporation.
  • Maintenance of roads and gutters in Municipal Corporation area.
  • Beautification of city.

Head Of Department: निखिल चंद्राकर Telephone / Mobile Number: 9926744196

Activities of Department:

  • To prepare demand register for the taxes, invite objections, levy tax on all properties in TMC area and collect the same.
  • Confiscate the property and auction the same for non-payment of taxes.
  • To collect water charges from citizens in Municipal Corporation area.
  • To assess and collect tax on new properties purchase.
  • To levy & collect tax on vacant land.
  • To levy & collect taxes pertaining to employment guarantee cess and education cess.

Main Objectives of Department:

  • Assessment of properties within Dhamtari Municipal Corporation Area.
  • Levy and Collection of property tax from property owners/property holders.
  • Levy and collection of water charges within Dhamtari Municipal Corporation area.
  • Levy & collection of Vacant Land Tax, Non agricultural tax.

Head Of Department: रवि सिन्हा Telephone / Mobile Number: 9111935108

Activities of Department:

  • Installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, booster pumping stations and tube wells.
  • Ensure all households have access to and use of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.
  • Ensure communities monitor and keep surveillance on their drinking water sources;
  • Ensure all government schools and anganwadis have functional toilets,urinals and access to safe drinking water.

Head Of Department: योगेश निषाद Telephone / Mobile Number: 9285347123

Activities of Department:

  • Sanitation arrangement of the city.
  • Health/ Medical facility.
  • Birth/ Death/Marriage Registration.
  • To issue licenses under Nagar Nigam byelaws and food adulteration.


  • Solid waste management is one among the basic essential services provided by municipal authorities to keep urban centres clean.
  • Waste management is all those activities and action required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.This includes amongst other things, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation.

Head Of Department: रवि सिन्हा Telephone / Mobile Number: 9111935108

Activities of Department:

The following service are provided by pension department

  • Rashtriya parivar sahayta Yojna
  • Vriddhavastha pension Yojna.
  • Samajik suraksha pension Yojna.
  • Vidhwa pension Yojna.
  • Viklang pension Yojna.
  • Sukhad Sahara pension Yojna.

Head Of Department: रमेश शर्मा Telephone / Mobile Number: 9770584141

Head Of Department: एस आर सिन्हा Telephone / Mobile Number: 7974791365